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Our main competences are the handling of raw materials and supply of low-pressure transport. We are reliable advisers and offer our services internationally.

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We first felt the real need to create a dedicated line of pneumatic transport technologies for dry bulk products in the 1970s. To address this demand, the Lorandi family created the technology of combining the classic screw conveyors (produced already since the 50s) with the most flexible and mechanically less complex systems. These were especially important in the agriculture sector, where flexibility and reduced maintenance are essential requirements of the daily work.

The systems are pneumatic transporters or fans with electric motors which, thanks to the laws of fluid dynamics, push air through a line of round tubes joined by junction clamps with the quick coupling/uncoupling mechanism.

Whereas in the past the main products handled were wheat, barley and maize, today the range of possible materials has greatly expanded. In this light, the flexibility of this technology makes it particularly usable and in demand! The drive is generated by an air thrust, whereas an injector (a special tube throttled using a mathematical calculation) channels the flow of bulk materials in the pipeline. The injector uses a physical law called Venturi effect.

Sistema Venturi

The Venturi effect is a physical phenomenon in which the pressure of a fluid current increases with decreasing speed. Using this law, the injector tightens the air pressure produced by the fan and thus increases the air speed, creating a slight depression (compared to the atmospheric pressure) in the point of exchange. This facilitates the entry and departure of the products in the transport line.

The dosage of products is performed not only via the Venturi-injectors – we also offer a range with rotary valves.

Valvola a stella

which dose the bulk product at regular intervals, thus preventing the formation of blockages in the case of imperfect input, or if the handled product is of a particularly high importance.
To block off the air line and thus slow down the air current we offer a wide range of high- and medium-performance cyclones, all built with innovative techniques.